​​Quilt Retreat

      Every year we have a wonderful opportunity to spend a few days in the fall at our quilt retreat at West River.  In between quilting to our heart's content on our own projects, we have demos where you will learn new quilting tricks.  

      Our sitting room not only contains large cutting boards and ironing surfaces that make working on large projects easier but an area where you can sit, prop your feet up and just unwind.

      Take a walk outside in the sunshine or just sit quietly in the garden and let your mind and muscles relax.  The retreat is a great way to escape the hassles of everyday living.  There are always plenty of knowledgeable people willing to answer your quilting questions.  I have been known to save things I need help with just for the retreat. Laughter and food are available in abundance.

       Join us Oct. 3-7 for this year's retreat.